Wholesale Patches for Sweatshirts/Hoodies

Want to make it big in the fashion market?

Let’s tell you secret hoodies can be the number one fashionwear to attract the attention of your clients who like to keep their wardrobe casual and functional.

The sweatshirt comes hoodie is one of the few apparels in any wardrobe that is capable of keeping you cold and warm at the same time! If there is a slight nip in the air, then all you need to make the best of it is to wear the sweatshirt.

The warm and loose-fitting hoodie is a modern menswear staple that can be seen in your daily wardrobe. Apart from sticking to the cool and casual outfit of a hooded jumper and sweat pants, you can also rock your hoodie in certain ways for a look that is as stylish as it is smug.

Today, DOYLabel will introduce how to enrich hoodie designs to bring in more sales.

Heat Transfer Label for Hoodies/ Sweatshirts

Custom wholesale heat transfer labels for hoodies

Heat transfer labels refer to the use of thermosetting ink through offset printing patterns and then screen printing of the film, the pattern on the printing film is transferred to the hoodies.

Hoodies on the heat transfer printing process are very important, different patterns choose different printing processes, showing the effect is not the same.

Shallow turn is only applicable to iron on heat transfer to light-colored sweatshirts, generally only on white hoodies /sweatshirts.

Shallow turn price will be cheaper, because shallow turn does not need engraving machine to take the outline, after printing out, it can be cut directly by hand.

Deep turn is a better solution for any sweatshirt color because it does not need to pick the color of clothes. After printing out, deep turn is necessary to engrave the outline on the engraving machine to print on sweaters, so the cost is relatively high.

If the printing color is relatively single, the number is also large, generally using screen printing, if the printing color is complex, there are gradient colors, but the number is large, then use Ke’s hot stamping. The effect of Ke’s hot painting is good, but need to bulk order, if the sweartshirs are less, the cost is too high.

Custom Chenille Patches for Hoodies/ Sweatshirts

In the current popular garment accessories, compared with embroidery patches and chenille patches, chenille patches has unique natural advantages in flowers, trees, and other natural patterns.

The vigorous and upward three-dimensional sense and vivid visual effect make chenille patches stand out from a number of patches.

Today, I will show you the application of chenille patches used on sweatshirts.

In the custom chenille patches process, there is no lack of personalized combination elements, as well as the figure of the combination process. The superimposed process techniques and interesting elements make the pattern more delicate and beautiful, making T-shirts and sweaters, particularly popular in the young consumer market. The 3d embroidery and chenille embroidery process, it shows the diversity of the pattern process.

Letter chenille patches

Letter patches have always been one of the important elements of clothing design. With the increasing popularity of leisure fashion brands among the younger generation, letter chenille patches have a variety of changes through the combination of thread embroidery and glue dyeing. The 3d chenille shape makes it stand out from a number of custom patches. The unique color matching makes the hoodies have an American sense of street retro.

letter chenille patches wholesale DOYLabel

Animal chenille patches

The animal pattern also is one of the popular choices of custom chenille patches. The lovely animals add double softness to the soft towel embroidery method. Through the superposition of colors, the animals’ chenille patches become richer and more interesting. Adding embroidery technology to the pattern can increase the diversity of the pattern, enrich the whole patches and make the patch full of stories.

Custom Embroidered Patches for Hoodies/ Sweatshirts

Embroidered patches are the most popular type of patch. It has a wide range of applications and is often used on hoodies.

You can embroider patterns directly on the clothes, or you can make an embroidered patch first, and then transfer it to the sweatshirts by sewing or iron-on. Embroidery patches mark the hoodies become more unique and cool.

Custom iron on embroidered patches for hoodies

After introducing custom logo heat transfer labels, embroidered patches, and chenille patches for hoodies/sweaters, contact us to custom your own brand hoodies to improve your profits.

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