Which Type of Woven Labels Are Suitable for Your Clothing

If you want to know which type of woven label are suitable for your clothing when you wholesale garment labels for your clothing line.

Wholesale woven label supplier – DOYLabel introduce woven labels type for you.
Label is the essential component of garment accessories.
Common clothing labels those are found in garments are brand label, size label, care label, flag label, line mark label and special label.

DOYLabel woven brand label

Woven Brand Label

Woven Size Label

DOYLabel Woven Care Label

Woven Care Label

Woven Flag Label

There are three most common types of woven labels.

1.Damask Woven Labels

Damask labels is the our factory most common manufacturing type of garment woven label which is suitable for high class clothing uses.  Like, we go buy Levis jeans and Tommy Hilfiger for shirts and Polo shirts, Zara for dresses etc.

Because damask labels are finer yarns and higher weave density than other garment labels, These labels are woven slower, with finer yarns, and higher weave density, than other labels, therefore giving a uniform weave with improve durability.

DOYLabel High Density Details Damask Woven Labels
DOYLabel High Quality Details Damask Woven Labels

If your images or texts need finer details, wholesale damask woven labels are recommended option for you.

2.Satin Woven Labels

Satin woven labels are more expensive than damask. Satin woven labels can’t present the details of brand design of damask labels, but offer a smooth, shiny, lustrous, soft appearance and touch feeling.

Satin label is widely applicated for baby clothes, silk garment because of their unique, soft, smooth, satin appearance.

DOYLabel Supply Satin Woven Labels
DOYLabel Wholesale Satin Woven Labels

3.Taffeta Woven Labels

Taffeta labels is a tight woven structure that are woven with a plain weave ground or base.

Because of their woven process, taffeta woven label has lower cost, so it is a basic and popular woven labels type.

Taffeta woven labels more used for care instruction label, because it can’t woven fine details like damask labels, and neither have the soft, smooth lustrous appearance of satin labels.

Taffeta labels are an inexpensive option for bolder logos and fonts;

damask labels are recommended for thinner more intricate designs.

Summary for Woven Labels Type

If your images or texts need finer details, wholesale damask woven labels are recommended option for you.

If you want to wholesale garment labels for baby clothes or silk clothes, satin woven labels will suitable for you.

If you care about the label price and don’t need high quality details, you can wholesale taffeta woven label as your garment label option.

If looking at these images didn’t help you deciding which type of woven labels are the right choice for your products, get some real labels samples first now.

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