Where to Custom heat transfers,wholesale heat transfers iron on labels and patches

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Where to Custom heat transfers,wholesale heat transfers iron on labels and patches

  • 2018-08-10

custom heat transfers

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Where To Custom Heat Transfers, Wholesale Heat Transfers Iron On Labels and Patches

Sewing is the best way to make sure your label stays attached during handling or laundering. If you are not able to sew your label on your item, heat transfers or iron on labels may be your answer. These labels have a layer of solid adhesive applied to the backside which melts when heated and bonds to the fabric underneath. This is a very strong adhesive.

Ask us about the kind you can iron on at home.

Iron on Labels, Clothing Tags, and Name Tapes

If your brand needs clothing iron on name tapes, iron on name patches or iron on tags we can customize our selection or heat transfer labels for you. Iron on camp clothing labels is very popular today. Many of our customers are purchasing kids name labels and children’s name tags so their young campers can iron into their clothing their own name and the name of their camp. Iron on name tapes, labels and tags are a great choice for younger children because the tags do not tear off, get caught on anything or get itchy! Contact us to get free samples our iron-on labels, iron tapes, iron on name patches and iron on tags to see how wonderful they are.

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Iron on and transfer Info: Iron-On application Instructions for Tagless Transfers Labels

Prepping your Shirt: Make sure the material is clean, dry and experienced any possible shrinking. All items need to be washed and dried with no fabric softener or dryer sheets.

Ironing Surface: best results are accomplished by using a thin dish towel laid on a smooth, flat, and firm surface such as a kitchen table. Standard ironing boards are padded which reduces your ability to get a firm ironing.

Lay Out your shirt: Lay your shirt down and smooth out any wrinkles in the shirt or towel.

Ironing on the transfers: pre-heat the iron at the cotton/wool setting (325-350 degrees) for three minutes. NEVER USE ANY STEAM. Run the heated iron for 50 seconds in a slow, smooth circular motion over the entire label, applying firm pressure. Do not use any fabric between the iron and the transfer. If you should accidentally get any transfer on your iron, allow the iron to cool and then remove the transfer from the iron.

Testing your finished transfers: Lift side of the label to make sure it is adhering to the fabric. If not continue ironing. If the paper lifts smoothly remove paper quickly white transfer is still hot/warm.

Proper transfer adhesion: A properly adhered transfer will stick to shirt with smooth edges that are not lifting up at all. Even the slightest lifting on an edge can result in the transfer getting damaged more and more over time.

Washing your shirt: To ensure that your heat transfers will last we recommend that when washing or drying your shirt, use a gentle cycle and medium heat in the dryer.

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