What Are The Best Patches for Sportswear

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With the gradual improvement of consumers’ pursuit of health and quality of life, their consumption in sports and fitness is also gradually increasing.

The sportswear industry is growing faster and faster, more and more sports enthusiasts buy sportswear, and the demand for sportswear is increasing.

With the enhancement of public aesthetic awareness and fashion sensitivity, more and more users hope that sportswear can be fashionable while having comfort and meeting sports needs.

In view of this trend, more and more brands begin to pay attention to the beauty and fashion of style design while taking into account the function.

They incorporate more fashion elements and personalized design into the pattern and color matching, style and cutting of the clothes, and speed up the updating of the products.

How to improve the comfort and fashion of one’s own sports brand and make more people like it must be a question for many brands to think about.

How can DOYLabel manufacturer help you to building up your sport t-shirt brand.

DOYLabel manufacturing heat transfer label, woven patches, embroidered patches, leather patches, embossed patches which used for clothes, such as t-shirt, sportswear, jacket.

Which Patches Are More Suitable iron on Sportswear?

Embossed TPU Patches

DOYLabel manufacture a large number of embossed patches which are widely used in sportswear.

TPU material has good ductility, high and low temperature resistance, and various processing methods. The hot-to-hot trademark made of TPU material has bright colors, obvious 3d effect and high-end atmosphere. It is a high-quality choice for you to improve the grade of clothing and increase the added value of clothing goods.

The high quality hot melt is added to the back of the embossed TPU patches then easy to iron on the clothes.

As long as you need a heat press machine , you can iron on your favorite pattern or logo on the clothing, to give the clothing a more beautiful decorative effect.

Competitive Advantages

  • Create superior level of fine detail for your image or logo, Achieve the look of fine detail.
  • Enhance the high level and high-class feeling of your sport apparel brand.
  • Soft TPU and 3d effect.
  • More Luxurious than woven patches and heat transfer label.

If you have a clothes brand for football shirts, soccer jersey, baseball shirts or golf sport apparel, choose embossed TPU patches to custom your logo and improve the grade of brand.

By the way, the disadvantage is that high-quality custom TPU patches are more expensive than other custom patches.

You can custom some TPU patches samples for your sport apparel brand from DOYLabel manufacturer to target the marketing.

Heat Transfer Label

Vinyl heat transfer is the solution for any custom clothing project. By using special vinyl and printing onto sportswear by heating and pressure, this process is one of the least expensive, highest-quality customized clothing options.

Sportswear transfer is an indirect printing method designed for professional transfer applications that require flexible soft transfer on sportswear (such as football shirts).

Custom images or designs is printed on special vinyl paper and adhesives with winyl heat transfer. The image or design is then cut, weeded, heated and affixed to the clothes like a sticker!

Heat transfer can be used to two printing material: 3d silicone heat transfer, drying ink plastisol heat transfer.

3d silicone heat transfer competitive advantages is high elasticity, and 3d feeling to touch.

DOYLabel manufacturing 0.5mm-1mm thickness high density 3d silicone heat transfer labels for your custom brand logo.

Our customer who has Yoga clothes brand, always manufacture 3d silicone heat transfer for him brand logo.

Drying ink plastisol heat transfer is lower cost than 3d silicone heat transfer, and the elasticity is worse than the 3d silicone.

Woven Patches

Woven patches are made of continuously sewn threads that are intricately incorporated into the top of the fabric backing.
We will choose super thin needle to woven tightly together to create superior level of fine detail for your image or logo.

Achieve the look of fine detail for a woven patches, our weaving craft and premium thread selection allows us to deal with intricate details to replicate your digital photos.

Your can custom your patches shape by laser cut or classic merrowed edge with iron on, sewing on, adhesive for your sport jerseys brand logo.

New Material Patches for Sportswear - DOYLabel

Screen Prined on Fabric Background

First I would like to introduce the material . the backgound of the patch is made of polyester material with different grain patterns. which is resistant to high temperature, washable and nice shape.

As you could see that the tatami fabric and twill fabric would be thicker and stiffer. And the tatami fabric and satin fabric are more shiny from surface. So there are different choose to meet your different request. Among of them, the one we use mostly is tatami fabric. So we provide different grain pattern of tatami fabric. Some are smoother and some are coarser.

Regading to the logo on the surface is screen printed directly on the fabric background. then laser cut into different shape. Usually the printed logo is 0.6mm thickness. If you want thicker logo, we will print more times to get more raised logo . For the logo color, we could follow the Internation pantone color chart to ensure meet your color request.

Our customers always make those nice patches with iron on sportswear, caps, bag, uniform and ect. If you need, we could make them plain backing then you could sew on your product as well.

DOYLabel has introduced 4 type of patches application for sportswear. Which patches do you want to custom for your sportswear logo?

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