The Ultimate Guide to Wholesale Sublimation Patches

There are many terms to learn in the broad patch world. Do you need sublimation patch or embroidery patches? Or maybe you can do the patches better? Do you want a heat cut edge or stitching edge? Is your backing Iron on, Velcro or no backing? Unless you have the correct information, this is a difficult decision, especially if you are a novice in patch games – but don’t worry, it is not as complex as it looks!

What is sublimation?

Thermal sublimation refers to the transformation of solid substances into gas without passing through the liquid phase, which means that the patch is transferred to the object in a gaseous state by using a high-temperature hot press during the dye sublimation printing process.

It widely used in sublimation clothing, sublimation patches.

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The Advantage of Sublimation Patches?

When people use patches to decorate their brands and make them more unique and eye-catching, they may find that sublimation patches are a good choice. This kind of patch can be made full-color of the designs, including gradients and fades. When adding photos to items, sublimation patch is a good choice. Microelements that are difficult to replicate in other decoration industries are usually treated with sublimation patches.

Because sublimation ink will color the cloth on which it is applied, the sublimation patch can ensure that the color remains unchanged The Custom sublimation patches cost is not high so it is cost affordable. Obviously, there are several benefits to using sublimation patch, as you making an important first decision.

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Sublimation Patches VS. Woven Patches VS. Embroidered Patches

Custom Embroidered Patches

Nothing can compare with the classic and old-fashioned appearance of embroidery patch. When you think of a patch, it may be the first to come to mind, because it is the most common patch type among prominent brands.

Although embroidery patches were first widely used for military purposes in the early 19th century, they have two modern uses: they can bring an official sense to the logo, such as police uniform, or they can bring an undeniable sense of cool, reminiscent of a return to denim vests and retro American patterns. Which effect you get depends entirely on your design!

Wholesale Custom Embroidered Patches

The embroidered patch is elegant and easy to identify, giving your logo a three-dimensional sense and personality. Embroidery patches are very suitable for simple and bold designs, and they are also very suitable for creating a textured appearance.

However, they do have one disadvantage: complex and intricate designs do not always match well with embroidery patches; They are usually best suited for simple designs.

Compared with the embroidery patch, the advantage of the woven patch is that it can provide customers with a better level of detail and can make up for the shortcomings of the embroidery patch. Nothing can match the classic and old-fashioned appearance of embroidery patches. When you think of a patch, it may be the first to come to mind, because it is the most common patch type among prominent brands.

Custom Woven Patches

Woven patches are made with thinner threads and different methods, so they can present fine details more cleanly than typical embroidery patches, which is why they are often used in clothing labels and other compact designs.

If your design needs a lot of details, or if you are making something like shirt labels or uniform nameplates, woven patch is a good choice! They are flexible and charming, but also another fashion besides embroidery patches.

Embroidered Patches vs Woven Patches

The woven patch feels like sharpening the focus on the camera lens: the blurred edges disappear and become clearer and clearer. They capture tiny details well and still retain the sense of size. They are also very popular clothing choices, which can bring an exquisite appearance and modern style to your logo – for example, in the past few years, the demand for woven patches in the hat industry has soared.

This is why these patches can have more details than traditional embroidery patches. For this type of patch, small fonts and more complex details are not a problem, but the design details are limited.

Custom Sublimaition Patches

Wholesale sublimation patches are very different from other types of patches because they provide you with a wider range of color choices and allow almost photo-like images. This is because every molecule of the patch is dyed, which faithfully represents every element in the design, which means that sublimation patches can capture details of photo quality. No matter how busy or difficult your design is, you can digitize it and transform it into sublimation patches.

The general consensus is that the more detailed the patch you want, the more you should consider the sublimation model.

Although the woven patch may capture more details than the embroidered patch, the sublimation patch is better when faithfully presenting each element in the design.

If your logo looks like a piece of art with multiple colors and rich details, sublimation is the best choice to show the quality of your design. Background elements such as gradients are perfectly transformed into sublimation effects, and complex images, such as sunset, are presented with dreamlike color blending.

Embroidered Border Custom Anime Cartoon Logo Sublimation Heat Transfer Printing Patches for Clothing 

In addition – here is an inside secret to tell you – you can always combine embroidery with sublimation. This combination will not let you down, it will let you get a popular texture appearance! It not only satisfies the three-dimensional sense and elegance of the embroidery patch, but also allows the complex design of color mixing to be perfectly presented.

Let’s take a look at the patch of our embroidery and sublimation.

Sublimation Embroidered Patches
DOYLabel Wholesale New Design Custom Sublimation Constitute Embroidered Patches for Clothing
DOYLabel Bulk Supply New Design Custom Sublimation Constitute Embroidered Patches for Clothing

After comparing embroidery patches, woven patches, and sublimation patches, you will be more aware of which patches to choose for your brand.

Why Choose Sublimation Patches?

The sublimation patch can help your brand display more perfectly, especially when combined with the embroidery patch.

When it comes to gradient, when one color is mixed into another color, customized sublimation patch is the king’s way. It will help your brand show its inherent uniqueness.

Sublimation patch can provide a wider range of color options

Cost is affordable even when your qty is small.

FAQ about Sublimation Patchs

Yes, we welcome the OEM or ODM order, we have our designer, so just a Picture, and we can realize the products for you

If you have no idear about the size,We have professional skillfull team, so just advise where to use on ,We will use our experience to define the size for you.

Sublimation patch edge can be cut edge, merrow edge, and embroidery edge

You can heat press on, sew on, or velcro tape on.

Send the inquiry to us, we will confirm with you the details and quote to you, then we agree on the deal, we will do samples for your approval before the bulk production, after you approve the sample, we will do bulk production, then arrange to ship to your door.

Well, you should have the reason for customizing the sublimation patch. But what if you are not an artist and cannot design your own patch? At DOYLabel, we have our own professional team. You only need to provide your ideas or reference drawings. We have professional designers to help you produce manuscripts for free until we help you get the products that best suit your preferences. The price is reasonable!

Please be sure to contact us here for more information.

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