Tatami Fabric Silicone/Flocked/TPU Patches for Sports and Hats

DOYLabel is a custom patches manufacturer which has more than 11 years at clothes accessories industy. 

Today, we will introduce tatami material for custom patches.

Tatami fabric is a new popular material for custom high class patches which is used for sports, hats.

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What is Tatami Fabric

Tatami named after Japanese straw matting, Tatami uses matte mélanged yarns for a very natural, raffia-like appearance.

The texture is highlighted with a subtle metal-like jint of gold or silver.

Its durable weave and Trevira CS® composition make it a great choice for residential and contract upholstery.

Types of Tatami Fabric

The basic color of Tatami fabric is white. The colorful tatami fabric your saw on the market are sublimated process at tatami fabric.

There are four type of tatami fabric on the market:

  • American coarse texture tatami
  • American fine texture tatami
  • Taiwan coarse texture tatami
  • Taiwan fine texture tatami
American coarse texture tatami-DOYLabel
American fine texture tatami

Which Type of Patches Using Tatami Material?

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Tatami Silicone Patches

Tatami fabric mixed silicone patches are most popular for sport uniforms or hats. Because its 3d, shiny effect and soft silicone touch feeling, iron on tatami silicone patches for sports shirt make sports shirts look more expensive and high class.

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 Tatami Silicone Patches for Sports 

Tatami silicone patches for hats -1

Customer Feedback – Patches for Hats

Flocking is a process that vertically fixing short high quality nylon villi or fabric ( typically 0.5mm in length) to the fabric.

Because flocking fabric has strong 3d sense, soft touch, and gorgeous, tatami flock patches are loved by customers.

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Tatami Flock Patches for Sports

Customer Feedback

Flock patches and silicone patches are most commonly used with Tatami fabric. 

Now, show you the different effect between flock patches and silicone patches.

There just the touch feeling difference, which material process to choose depends on personal preference.

Tatami Sublimation Patches

Sublimation tatami patches are created through a process called dye sublimation. It means that even higher levels of fine details can be added to the patches. 

Tatami TPU patches

Tatami TPU patches are relatively rare.

If you want your patches not only gorgeous, but also has metal sense, tatami TPU patches will be your choice.

Such as this tatami TPU patches sample, It’s a composite process of sublimated at tatami and fixing TPU material.


Popular backing is hot melt to iron on clothes, by the way, we also can make look and loop, 3m adhesive backside.

Transfer Condition

  1. Temperature: 135°-150°
  2. Pressure: 4-5 kg
  3. Time: first front heat press 5 seconds to set a correct position at clothes; then backside heat press 10-15seconds.

After ironing, waiting for the patches to cold down, and then tear off the film on the surface.

If you are looking for custom patches for your sports clothing or hats.

We will manufacture high-quality tatami sports patches for you.

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