South Korean Customers Customize High Quality Woven Patches

Korean customer J visited DOYLabel
Korean customer J visited DOYLabel

Recently, Korean customer J visited DOYLabel and customize high-quality Woven Patches. Customers need a patch for sportswear and football uniforms, and we recommend Woven Patches and Embroidery Patches. We have a high density and clear pattern, and J is very satisfied. The logo is simple iron-on is on the clothes, it is very strong. We also offer free design services to make your ideas come true.

J said that in our sample room, he learned a lot about patches for clothes. Woven patches can be woven with yarn, polyester, and wire. Depending on the shape you can be hot die or ultrasonic cutting. In order to better link with clothing and luggage. we also provide non-woven, back-tracking, Hook-and-Loop Fastener. Woven patches can also be used in shoes, hats, beauty, and durability to make the brand more recognizable.

In addition, the customer also understands the other situation of the DOYLabel. We have two factories, Products covered more than 43 classifications, The major classes are Printed Labels, Woven Labels, Embossed Labels, Injection Labels, Stamping Engraved Labels and Related Products. Products related materials including Various Paper, TPU, Fabrics, Cotton, Satin, Sequin, Beads, All Kinds of Leather, PVC, Rubber Silicon, Plastic and Various metals etc. Wide Range for Your Selection!

Our woven labels, Leather Labels are very popular with American customers. Custom embroidered patches in Canada and Australia are also very popular. The customer is used to customizing the woven patches and Embroidery patches online. DOYLabel is a reliable supplier of clothing accessories. If you’ve ever customized woven labels on, try to focus on us. We surprise you with both quality and price. Efficient production, fast delivery, it is Faster Like You Purchase from Local Market.

Woven patches need to be eye-catching as well as functional, and our custom patches are just that. Our patches are the perfect way to promote your brand identification and give your product a professional edge. Contact us to create a patch that is one of a kind and unique to your brand.

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