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We can customize high-Quality Rubber Keychain for your clothing, knit, activewear, clothing brand, cotton dress, Electronic Product, toys, leather jacket, shoes, pillow, quilt, bags, backpack, leather bags, handbags etc. We are perennial offer rubber duck keychain, PVC rubber keychain. rubber strap keychain, soft rubber keychain, silicone rubber keychain, rubber chicken keychain. 

Rubber Keychain Usage

How to Put Your Idea to a Product?

How to Put Your Idea Turn Into A Product

What About the Shape and Colol Can Choose?

Custom Shape & Size

Our technique is mature. We can customize different shapes for Rubber Keychain, such as square, rectangle, oval, various shape for logo and product symbol. Rubber Patches are waterproof and durable, Very suitable for clothing, uniform and household . We also offer rubber hand keychain, rubber bracelet keychain, Rubber 3d keychain , Rubber motorcycle keychain ,yamaha rubber keychain.

rubber patches shape
Custom Color

Follow PMS Color Chart

PMS color chart

Can I Have More Styles and More Color?


How About the Produce Details?


We custom Rubber Keychain use Injection Molding Process,It is usually made of Soft PVC, Hard PVC, Nontoxic Silicone.  DOYLabel customizes a large number of durable Rubber keychains for customers in UK, Malaysia, USA,India,Chennai and other countries. DOYlabel is a global manufacturer of Rubber Patches. Customized superman rubber keychain, honda rubber keychain,rubber dog keychain,rubber pokemon keychain, suzuki rubber keychain at

All kinds of rubber products

Workmanship Details

Rubber Keychain are use Injection Molding Process. These greatly enhance waterproof ability and anti-pollution, and also make Rubber Keychain pattern clear, color fidelity high, and more durable.

Rubber label production machine

How to Use Rubber Related Product?

How to Use Rubber Related Product

Can I Have Some Sample?


How About the Produce Process?

Rubber production workshop

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