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Hey there, we’re DOYLabel, your friendly manufacturer who produces PVC products. For over 20 years, we’ve been living and breathing everything PVC. Yeah, you read that right! Two whole decades were spent perfecting the art of turning top-notch designs into even better products.

You know what makes us tick? Efficiency! You got a design, we got the means to make it happen, and fast. Just pass us your drawings, and before you know it, your idea has taken shape.

pvc rubber patches artwork vs real product

But we’re not just about the quick turnaround. Oh no, we’re all about quality, too. We like to think of every PVC product we make as our very own work of art – the sort of stuff that’ll get your customers stopping in their tracks, asking where they can get one.

Let’s see some of our fantastic customers, who have been in the PVC product wholesale business, have to say about us:

What sets us apart, you ask? Let’s break it down:

  1. Experience: We’ve been in the PVC industry for over 20 years. We’ve seen trends come and go, and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We’ve got the knowledge, the skills, and the experience to bring your designs to life.
  2. Efficiency: We know you’ve got deadlines. That’s why we’re all about fast, efficient production. We’re quick off the mark, turning your design drawings into actual products quicker than you can say “DOYLabel.”
  3. Quality & Tech: We’re not just PVC craftsmen, we’re also tech geeks. We use high-tech processes to ensure that each and every product we produce is top-tier quality. We’ve got a reputation for awesome products, and we’re not about to let that slip!

Our Diverse Product Line

We specialize in a broad spectrum of PVC products designed to meet diverse customer needs. the products we can whip up for you:

So, how about it? Ready to rock your business with some seriously impressive PVC products? At DOYLabel, we’re more than just a factory. We’re your partners, your teammates, your allies in this wild world of PVC. Together, we can create some truly amazing stuff. Let’s do this!

PVC Patches

Our custom PVC rubber patches come in three different styles, each unique in its own way:

Customized 3D Embossed Letters Logo Adhesive Labels Soft PVC Rubber Patches
Flat Design PVC Patches

With a thickness ranging from 2mm to 4mm, our flat PVC patches offer a sleek, streamlined look. Perfect for a minimalist design or where you want the colors to do the talking.

Silicone Rubber Badges Supplier Custom Embossed Logo 3D Soft PVC Patches DOYLabel
2D PVC Patches

Offering a bit more depth than flat patches, our 2D PVC patches also range from 2mm to 4mm thick. These patches add a nice touch of texture and are great for creating a subtle, layered effect.

Wholesale 3D PVC PATCHES - DOYLabel
3D PVC Patches

Want to pop out from the crowd? Our 3D PVC patches, with a thickness between 4mm and 8mm, are a sure bet. These patches add a striking level of depth to your design, making your brand literally stand out.

Color Options

And let’s not forget about color! Each of our custom logo PVC patches can feature up to nine different colors. That means you can go as vibrant or as subdued as you like. You give us your color palette, and we’ll bring it to life in your custom PVC patches.

Whether you prefer the sleekness of flat, the subtle depth of 2D, or the striking pop of 3D, we’ve got you covered. At DOYLabel, we believe in delivering products that not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Let’s work together to create PVC patches that speak volumes about your brand.

Rubber PVC Keychains

Let your brand hang out with your customers every day, everywhere, with your custom logo personalized PVC rubber keychains! Custom keychains often use for trade shows, corporate events, or in-store promotions, or as free gift to customers. At DOYLabel, we believe in making products that are both stylish and practical – and our keychains tick all the boxes.

Just like our PVC patches, our keychains except have the same styles and thicknesses to suit your taste, we also manufacture full 3D PVC keychains. These are truly three-dimensional with a thickness of over 8mm, providing an impressive, tangible depth to your design.

Double Embossed Design Raised Name Logo Soft Rubber Keychain
Custom 3D Soft PVC Rubber Keychains for Promotion Gift
Custom 3D Cute Cartoon Logo Key Tag Soft PVC Rubber Keychain

What’s more, our PVC rubber keychains can be single-sided or double-sided. You can opt for your logo to be on one side, with important company info printed on the other. Or, go all out with your brand logo on both sides! The choice is all yours.

At DOYLabel, we believe in creating PVC keychains that are not only beautiful but also functional. So, get creative with how you use your keychains – the sky’s the limit! And DOYLabel as a factory, you can bulk order with lowest prices from us.

Rubber Fridge Magnets

Rubber fridge magnets make fantastic souvenirs. You can customize them with a fun design or the name of a city or attraction.

You also can hand them out to attendees as a fun and practical giveaway that keeps your brand at the top of their minds.

Transform your customer’s fridge into a canvas for your brand with our custom rubber fridge magnets! At DOYLabel, we understand the power of everyday items. That’s why we offer top-quality, fully customizable fridge magnets that are as practical as they are eye-catching.

Our rubber fridge magnets are available with either hard or soft magnets on the back. Most customers prefer our soft magnets because they can be cut into the shape of the magnet itself, resulting in a more streamlined, attractive look. But don’t worry, whether you choose soft or hard magnets, you can count on them to hold up your most important memos, shopping lists, or your little one’s latest masterpiece.

pvc rubber magnets artwork vs real product

Luggage Tags

Custom rubber PVC luggage tags are perfect for corporate giveaways, travel agencies, airlines, schools, or anyone who loves to travel.

Let’s break down our two offerings from our custom logo rubber luggage:

Hard Frame ABS Material Back

This option comes with a sturdy hard frame on the back made of ABS material. We have molds in stock for this style, making it a quick and reliable choice for your luggage tag needs. These tags are tough, ensuring they can handle the wear and tear of any travel adventure.

Soft Rubber Back Frame

We also have soft rubber back frame tags option. We require two molds for this option, but don’t sweat it – we have an existing model for a back frame size of 105*65mm. These tags are robust yet bendable, providing a blend of durability and flexibility.

It’s important to note that our custom luggage tags cannot be molded in one piece. But worry not, this doesn’t compromise the quality or integrity of your tag.

Whether you choose the hard ABS material or the soft rubber frame, these tags are more than just functional – they’re a statement. You can customize them with your company logo, favorite colors, or personal design. 

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