ODM Partnerships Authorization

Welcome to our dedicated OEM Partnerships Authorization page, a testament to the strong relationships we’ve built with some of the world’s leading brands as a recognized OEM factory. As a trusted garment accessories producer, we are proud to present our power of attorney documents from prestigious brand owners including FILA, Carrefour, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

This page serves as a clear showcase of our extensive partnerships and the faith these esteemed brands have placed in our manufacturing capabilities. These authorization letters signify their trust in us as their chosen OEM partner to produce top-quality garment accessories under their name.

Here, you can explore the various authorization documents and learn about our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards that these global brands demand. It’s not only a testament to our advanced production capabilities but also to the meticulous care we invest in each product.

Our partnerships with these renowned brands signify our position as a reliable, high-quality garment accessories factory. We invite you to browse through our OEM partnerships authorization page to get a deeper understanding of the trust and responsibility placed in our hands by these top-tier companies.