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Our factory is a professional garment accessory and printing supplier. We can offer you good OEM and ODM service related to the textile industry.

Products cover a wide range can meet customer requirements of one-stop purchasing.

Here is a Garment Accessories Supplier
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Public Welfare Statement.

DOYLabel is a very socially responsible company, Including environmental protection, labor, and social contributions.

Since 2016, has decided to donate $1 from each order and donate it to the public welfare organization "Ant Forest" to mitigate the global warming effect. At the same time, we call on more companies to devote themselves to environmental protection. This is a global mission, and it is a human mission.

The Ant Financial company has been in cooperation with environmental NGOs, such as the Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology or SEE and the China Green Foundation.

Under the “Ant Forest” scheme, the financial company and the SEE have been providing subsidies for local herdsmen and farmers in Alxa to plant saxaul trees in the desert while also offering technical support

Known as a desert guardian, a fully grown saxual tree can hold together a 10-square-meter patch of sandy land, according to environmentalists.

In the past, many Paper Tags, Paper Hang Tags, and Kraft Paper Tags were made by cutting down trees. We have adopted the concept of recycled paper long ago, Making Name Tags for Clothes, Clothing Sewing Tags, Blank Gift Tags and so on. But that's not enough. We need to protect the trees and plant more trees.

Figures show that more than a million such trees have been planted to limit sand erosion in deserts in the Alxa region under the project.

As you can imagine, this is not just a tree, but by limiting desertification, it can restore water and soil, grow cotton, and cotton can be made into all kinds of fabric. Custom Woven Clothing Labels, Custom Iron On Woven Patches, Customized Keychains China, Custom Embroidered Keychain, Custom Woven Velcro Patches, many of our products use cotton. Of course, we also use Non woven fabric, Customized Non-woven Labels, Custom Non woven Clothing Labels, Custom Non woven Cotton Labels.

Customized Non-woven Labels

“We believe everyone wants to protect the environment. We make their wishes come true with modern technology. We’ll use technology to do more.”

The company has said it will explore the possibility of rolling out the carbon account modeling on the “Ant Forest” scheme around the world.
Within China, Ant Financial says the scheme has so far planted 10.25 million trees. That equates to a 1.22 million-ton reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

Overall, thanks to continuous and intensive tree-planting efforts, China saw its forest coverage expand by 30 million hectares during the 12th Five-Year Plan period between 2011 and 2015.

Agricultural and forestry officials have vowed to promote tree-planting and improve the quality of the forests in the five years from 2016.

The country is predicted to increase its forest coverage to 23 percent of its total land mass within three years, according to a UN report.

Our strength is small, but we will stick to it and contribute to environmental protection and global environment.

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(Only for March, Full $1000 Order, $1 in Each Order is Donated to "Ant Forest" Contribute to the Mitigation of the Global Greenhouse Effect)

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