How to Choose the High-Quality Leather Patches?

Leather brand products usage

Leather labels are a great alternative to the traditional, commonly used woven clothing labels. Leather labels and patches are great for durability, long-lasting, and are unique. They are strong and supple and are often used on high end brands to convey a message of quality and prestige.

Normally, leather patches are attached to items embossed, debossed, or printed with logos, brands, or names.

At the DOYLabel company, we have been manufacturing custom logo leather patches for over 16 years. We manufacture high-quality leather patches with factory low price, save your money and improve your profit margin to take your business’ promotional and internal products and accessories to next level by attaching these custom leather patches to just about any item.

Many customers have many questions on how to distinguish the leather grade, how to choose different leather materials used for hats, jackets, bags, blankets, and etc.

Today, we want to talk about those questions:

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Distinguish the high-quality leather patches.

Differences Between Real Vs. PU Leather.

And FAQ before order the bulk order.

Genuine Leather

Real leather can also be known as full-grain leather, which is the highest grade of leather you can find on the market. It usually has no major surface defects, holes, or incisions.

It retains all the toughness of tightly packed surface fibers so that it is very soft to the touch but still tough.

Because of its soft touch, tough and durable feature, genuine leather patches are usually used for high-class jeans and hats.

PU Leather

PU leather is an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer.

Because PU leather patches are cheaper than genuine leather patches, some customers like to buy PU leather patches to replace genuine leather patches.

In order to satisfy this segment of customers, we choose higher quality PU leather to make into PU leather patches which are taking the fibrous part of cowhide leftover from manufacturing real leather and adds a layer of polyurethane on top.

Why Do So Many Customers Love to Choose Genuine Leather Patches?

We’ve made a list of six differences between real and PU leather. Knowing the differences between these two leather types will help you decide which is best for you.

So, our customers love to choose genuine leather patches because their natural smell, great durability, and smooth, soft texture make their product looks more high class.

Suede Leather

Except for real leather and PU Leather, we also have another leather call suede leather.

Suede is one of leather, it is made from a durable part of the hide,

and sanded to produce a surface with a nap of raised leather fibers (almost like fuzzy hairs) that make it was quite soft, comfortable.

So it is widely used for clothing, upholstery, and a variety of wearable leather goods as well as for personal accessories.

We usually use suede as background with other materials, such as PVC rubber, or silicone.

How to Distinguish the High-Quality Leather Patches?

We usually check the quality in the following ways:

  • Font clarity
  • Printed detail
  • Sewing position

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