How to Apply Hang Tags to Your Clothing Line

We’re gonna cover the different application methods that you
have for your hangtags.

We’re going to talk about how to apply hang tags to your clothing line today. We’re gonna go over the different options that you have to applying your hang tags to your clothing line.

It could be an overwhelming process as far as the different type of hangtags you might want to use, but now we’re getting into what options do I have to apply it.

we’re gonna break it down make it very simple for you to really look at, then you could always call or ask for additional information. But for the most part you’re gonna get most of your answers in this blog, so let’s get right into it.

The Different Options for Paper Stock

Craft paper

It has like a more natural look to them. We also have recycled paper as well, if you’re going for the environmentally friendly look with your brand.

Our most common paper hang tag is probably just the 18 PT card stock. it’s a little thicker than your standard business card, but we can also go up to 62 PT card stock for customized.

Printing Options for Paper Hangtags

you have different printing options as well.

Foil printed ink tag, it’s good for luxury brands.

We also have spot flaws printing. It’s kind of shiny and raised. so if you want something to stand out or pop, the spot gloss is a good option.

How to Get the Design Ideas for Your Personalized Custom Logo Paper Hangtags?

It can be overwhelming since there are so many options. the best way to kind of get your design going would be to find other hang tags from other brands that you like.

Once you kind of have a design aesthetic and direction, we can guide you with our different options and what we’re able to produce.

What Type of Ways Can Somebody Attach Hangtags to Their Clothing Line?

We have different kinds of strings. cotton string, hemp string, satin strings and nylon cords. We have these in different colors and thickness. we can even custom dye them.

The most common form to apply string to your clothes would be a pin. we have a standard shaped pin or we have a pear-shaped pin.
Pins will come in different finishes like silver, gold, gunmetal, gray or brass.

The hang tag is going to give off to your brand’s appeal and then you really have to take it one step further and try to really tie it all together with how it’s gonna attach to the clothing article.

As you can see, there’s a lot of different ways for you to really attach these hangtags to your clothing items, and I’d really want to preach and tell you guys to really consider the entire package when it comes to designing and creating these hangtags.

You have your general design direction in your logo, you can either give us a call or visit our website once we get your design we’ll create a digital mock-up for your approval, then you can either choose to sample first or go straight to production.

if you have any questions and interested in the ordering process, get a quote from us now.

And we are always willing to help you and send some sample packs of the different options that you have for the attachments and the paper stock.


How long will it take to print my custom hang tags?

We print hang tags in 48 hours or two business days. This two day period is called the printing turnaround time, which does not include shipping transit time, weekends and holidays. This time begins once you have paid for your order and approved the proof.

What if I can’t choose the size, paper, and coating I want on the online calculator?

You can select from a variety of features on our custom quote request page.

Are strings included in the hang tag order?

No, we do not include strings with the hang tags. But you can customize the size and location of the hole that is added to your tag design.

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