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Heat Transfer Label Usage

What can we sale?

What can we sale?

Product Shape & Color

Custom Shape & Size

Heat Transfer Labels can customize any logo, letter, design. For example, the character pattern, the superman pattern, the animal pattern, the tiger group, the cute cartoon design, the cool symbol, the color text and so on.
According to your requirements, you can customize flock heat transfer, heat sensitive color changing, silicone heat transfer, rubber transfer patches, Reflection heat transfer patches, and 3d heat transfer Labels.

Custom Color

Follow Pantone Color Chart

Follow Pantone Color Chart

Can I Have More Styles and More Color?


Details About Product


Heat Transfer Labels material generally have a Transfer Printing Film, PET, Heat Transfer Ink, Flocking etc. High-quality Heat Transfer Labels make it more upscale and durable.

Heat Transfer Material

Workmanship Details

Series of Heat Transfer Labels


DOYLabel use laser cut, heat cut, merrow border, etc to make the heat transfer labels incision more smooth and the shape without deformation. It is your reliable choice.

Heat Transfer Patches Border

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Heat Press Labels Workshop

Heat press labels workshop

How to Heat Press by Industral Machine?

How to make heat transfer labels?
Transfer Temperature: 140 ° C to 160 ° C
Transfer Pressure: 4 to 6 kg
Press Time: 5-15 s
Tearing Method: Cool Peel 2 Kinds of Choice.
Using the above method, Heat Transfer Labels can be easily transferred to iron on clothing.

How to Heat Transfer by Industrial Machine

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