Full Professional FSC certification Hang Tag Production Process Detailed Introduction

Hang tag production has developed rapidly in China’s manufacturing industry in recent years, especially in the garment industry.

If a piece of clothing does not have a hang tag, it is counterfeit, defective, or even second-hand resale goods used by others in the eyes of consumers.

Many clothing manufacturers have noticed the importance of clothing hang tags. Since hang tags play such an important role, how are exquisite clothing hang tags made? What are the hang tag production processes?

Today, DOYLabel Printing Factory will explain several special processes for making hang tags.


According to the requirements of the draft, according to the reasonable printing process, there are four-color offset printing, monochrome offset printing, two-color offset printing, UV offset printing, and screen printing.

When printing, it is also necessary to pay attention to the different processing in the next process. It is necessary to distinguish the products with and without peritoneum when printing.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the left and right positions of the products that need to be mounted in the next process. The thickness and drying degree of the printing paper should be adjusted according to the ink concentration of the artwork. The appropriate printing pressure and speed should be adjusted according to the right amount of powder spraying.

Glossy Laminating

There are bright film, dumb film, tactile film, laser film, removable film, and so on. When you get the printed product material, you should also pay attention to whether it is dry, pay attention to the position of the printing bite,

Whether it is UV after printing, and choose the appropriate film. Cover the light to ensure that at least three sides can not have a film growing out, which will affect the subsequent processing;

Screen Printing UV

Divides several kinds of different effects, has the general UV, also calls the partial stamp-pad ink, has ground the noisy effect, the crease, the crystal;

Generally on these four kinds, also has other effects, like the frothing effect; The latter processing, the key first must look at the printing to bite with pulls the gauge the position. Only in this way can it be done accurately.

Gold/Silver Foil Paper Hang Tags

There are different kinds of anodized aluminum in different colors. Here is the same, need to pay attention to the bite and pull gauge position, and also need to pay attention to, is first covered light and then bronzing, or first bronzing and then covered light, which requires different quality of anodized aluminum.

There are also mounting, embossing, deep embossing, concave-convex, indentation, and so on, all of which need to be based on the printed bite and pull gauge position. One error, all defective.

Punch Shape

For the special-shaped hang tag, this is the last process, the quality of the product is basically shaped after this process, and some of them also need to inflate holes + wear ropes or hang hanging grains, each with different requirements.


For the general square hang tag, it is necessary to go through this way. There are also a lot of exquisite, general paper hang tags, when cutting, do not cut too thick, the paper machine knife must be sharp, cut out of the product will look good. Otherwise, there will be rough edges, and it is easy to cut obliquely.

Also, you need to pay attention to whether the product has been covered with light. If not, make sure that the printing is dry before cutting. For the PVC hang tag, when cutting more attention should be paid, now the paper cutter has a full computer, but also compared to the old hand-cranked type.

For the hang tag of cutting PVC, the old hand-cranked paper cutter is better than the automatic computer paper cutter. Because the hand-operated type can control the cutting speed and the cut plastic sheet will not crack, the whole computer is not good, it is easy to crack or cut obliquely because the plastic sheet is more slippery.


Sliced brand, generally need to punch, otherwise how to hang on the clothes; these final process, we must pay attention to, if the punching position is reversed, it will be useless.

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