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Are you struggling to choose between Woven patches and embroidered patches?Both of them are the most common type of branding patches.

Unlike labels or stickers, patches are durable, often permanent fixtures to the fabric that come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Patches can be used as effective branding or marketing, as well as personal symbols to recognize important causes, affiliations, beliefs, or other forms of self-expression.

Branding patches are commonly distinguished between woven or embroidered techniques. While sometimes these terms can be used interchangeably, each type of patch is made differently, has a different look, and price variance.

Here’s a look at those differences to help you decide which type of custom patch is right for your needs:

Woven Patches - DOYLabel

Woven patches are made of continuously sewn threads that are intricately incorporated into the top of the fabric backing.
We will choose super thin needle to woven tightly together to create superior level of fine detail for your image or logo.

Achieve the look of fine detail for a woven patches, our weaving craft and premium thread selection allows us to deal with intricate details to replicate your digital photos.

You can custom your patches shape by laser cut or classic merrowed edge with iron on, sewing on, adhesive or veclro backing for choose.

embroidered patch's backing series

Iron-on backing: For application in clothes, denim, hats, jackets, backpacks …
Adhesive backing: For temporary uses such as event, jackets
Velcro backing: Easy replace for an easy on-off application, Hook and Loop is just great such as application for police, military.

woven patch Usage

You will not be disappointed with the finish of your custom woven patches by DOYLabel.

Embroidered patches are stitched with a stronger, thicker thread, giving the patch a denser look compared to woven patches. This gives most embroidered patches a lifted or three-dimensional appearance.

People who have their clothes brand, are prefer to go for embroidered patches, because of its 3d fine effect, shine, long lasting color, reasons-durability and no wear and tear.

And embroidered patches look more elegant and professional that many companies will give order to manufacture embroidered patches containing their company’s design and logo.

Embroidered Patches products-doylabel

We have hundreds of vibrant thread colors to choose from panton color.
Your first 9 thread colors are included for free with your order. If your color more than 9 thread, you should pay a small per-patch fee for your additional colors. There is most 12 thread colors for one patch.

In summary, embroidery can give you the durability you need for long-lasting custom patches, but a woven patch might be a better choice if you’re looking for more detail or a lower price.

Woven Patches vs Embroidered Patches

Woven patches are similar to the way a digital images that made up of dot by woven different threads tightly together.
It means that we can get superior level of fine detail than embroidered patches.

Typically, woven patches have the better definition of the design, lettering, or logo than embroidered patches.

Because woven patches are thinner, detail can be made more intricate. Depending on the patch design, this might be something you want to prioritize.

Because of the embroidered patches 3d fine effect, shine, long lasting color, reasons-durability and no wear and tear, embroidered patches look more classic and elegant.
That is why so many brand choose embroidered patches than woven patches.

What’s more, woven and embroidered patches aren’t the only types of patches to consider. Other types of patches include Chenille, 3D PVC Patches, and even leather patches.

Why Choose DOYLabel?

DOYLabel has been producing high quality woven vs embroidered patches over 15 years. The process that goes into making exceptional quality woven patches is our primary concern when you bring your artwork to us. We have the ability to accurately translate your design with free design service, logo or idea into the medium of embroidered artwork (digitizing) for translation to our computer controlled embroidery/weave machines. 

Send us your logo or idea, and our expert graphic designers will create a beautiful design for you, and in only 7-14 working day after you approve the artwork, you will have in your hands a high quality, beautiful looking, sharp coloring embroidered or woven patch.

Contact us to custom your own patches now!

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