What Patch Backing is Best for What Material?


What Patch Backing is Best for What Material?

  • 2018-06-28 09:41:35
  • David Braun

What Patch Backing is Best for What Material?

Our client base consists of police officers, bikers, girl scouts, airsoft teams, martial artist and much more. All of their uniforms are made out of completely different materials. Bikers usually adhere their custom patches to leather and police officers usually wear a uniform made of polyester.  Choosing the correct patch backing really depends on the material that the custom emblem will be adhered to. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss which backing option works best for cotton material, nylon material, spandex material, vinyl material, denim material and workout clothing, such as sweatpants etc.

What Custom Patch Backing is Best For Cotton Material?

Cotton is a versatile material so you can use mostly any backing, however the iron on backing and the sew on backing are the most durable and will last the longest. Please be aware that these two backing options are permanent. If you are using a custom patch for a single event then I suggest adhesive backing, which can be used on cotton material as well.

cotton material

cotton patch backing

What Custom Emblem Backing Is Best For Polyester, Nylon and Spandex?

Polyester, nylon and spandex are a little more delicate than cotton. Iron on backing is not suitable for these materials because the heat could cause damage to the attire. The best emblem backing for polyester, nylon and spandex is a sew-on backing, adhesive backing or Velcro backing. These backings will adhere to your sensitive material perfectly!

polyester material

polyester patch backing

What Patch Backing Would Be Best For Vinyl and Leather Material?
Vinyl and leather are also sensitive materials, so not all custom patch backings are appropriate for this material. Iron on backings can not be used on either of these materials. The best emblem backings options for vinyl and leather are sew-on backing , velcro backing and adhesive.

black leather material

black patche backing

What Backing Would Be Best For Denim Material?
Any of our backing options will work for denim material. Iron on and sew on are the most durable backings, we have tested these backing ourselves, putting them through dozens of washes. The iron-on backing and sew-on backing withstand anything!

denim material

What Backing Would Be Best For Work-Out Material (Sweatpants)?
You can use any of our backings for work-out material.  You can choose between iron on backing , sew on backing, Velcro backing and adhesive. Keep in mind that if you your patches are for long term use, choose a permanent backing such as iron on or sew on. If you are using your custom patches for temporary use or for a single event adhesive backing would be the best choice. Any backing you choose will be perfect for your workout outfit!

sweatpants material

Choosing the correct backing is essential you don’t want to choose a backing that could potentially ruin your clothing. Keep in mind that some backing options are permanent while others are temporary. This should definitely be a factor when choosing your patch backing. Please make sure to check your clothing label before deciding on any custom clothing patch backing. And remember that DOYLabl has your back!

patch backing

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