What is heat transfer labels? What kind of heat transfer printing technology is used in clothing & trade marks?


What is heat transfer labels? What kind of heat transfer printing technology is used in clothing & trade marks?

  • 2018-11-28 08:57:37
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What is heat transfer labels

Heat transfer printing is a new printing technology, which has been widely used in the last 10 years. The process printing method is divided into two parts: transfer film printing and transfer printing processing. Transfer film printing adopts dot printing (resolution up to 300dpi). Preprint the pattern on the surface of the film. The printing patterns are rich in layers, bright colors, ever-changing, small color difference and good reproducibility. It can meet the requirements of designers and is suitable for mass production.

Stamping processing through the thermal transfer machine (pressurized heating) in one time will be a fine pattern on the printing film transfer printing on the product surface, the surface layer, and the printing ink after molding product dissolves into an organic whole, design lifelike, greatly enhance the grade of the product.

Clothing heat transfer printing, commercial heat transfer printing more types, common heat transfer printing methods, there are two main categories.

1 Sublimate heat transfer printing
2 Hot transfer printing

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Sublimate heat transfer printing

Sublimation heat transfer printing simply means that the dispersing dye (or sublimation ink) is printed (or printed) on a specific paper in advance by a machine. Then through this paper, with high temperature and high pressure, the pattern on the paper is transferred to the fabric that needs printing, and the whole process of heat transfer printing is completed.

But, with the development of science and technology, the industry has been made some refinement, The transfer printing methods are keeping emerge in endlessly. The most prominent is the same as a carrier for transfer printing with paper but in gravure printing disperse dye printing way for the mainstream.

According to the market demand for transfer printing, the most useful printing methods are:

(1)The printing disperses dyes on gravure printing presses, with advantages: low cost of printing paper, exquisite pattern expression, the strong sense of layer, full pattern. Suitable for mass transfer printing production. The disadvantages are:  Making costs high, small volume personalized product competitiveness is insufficient.

(2)Offset printing press printing offsets printing sublimation ink, using the printer sublimation ink, after natural drying, with this paper to transfer to the fabric that needs printing. Advantages: because it uses the PS printing Plate, the printing cost is low and the printing cost is low, which is suitable for small batch product printing. If you want to customize the clothing heat transfer mark, control in the lower cost, you can consider using offset heat transfer printing.

(3)Digital thermal transfer, advantages are designed expression is more exquisite than any transfer printing, administrative levels feel very intense, abnormal patterns, but also because there is no printing, completely ruled out other printing way brings badly aligned or version of the disease. For customers who have high requirements for clothing printing trademarks, you may choose digital heat transfer printing.

(4)Silk-printing sublimation ink, this transfer printing method, low plate production cost, sublimation ink is not expensive. But because the printing version is a screen version, the edge of the pattern trade to produce burrs, not suitable for people printing, scenery printing, and other fine pattern printing. If your logo or pattern is not complex, choose silk-screen sublimation ink.

Hot transfer printing

Unlike sublimation heat transfer printing, printing materials do not sublimate (vaporize) as sublimation dyes do. The printing material will not print high temperature and high pressure, which will cause the paste to penetrate into the fabric fibers. Although it can also be pressed and ironed with a transfer machine, what "prints" to the surface of the garment is something like a layer of "plaster" attached to the surface of the garment.

Its main features are: most of the materials used are PET sheets. After printing various color patterns on the PET sheet material, the back of the pattern should be coated with hot melt adhesive. It is this hot melt glue that firmly combines the pattern with the clothes, removes the PET waste film and completes the heat transfer printing process.

The advantage of heat transfer printing scald is the low cost of plate making, full pattern level, beautiful color. The disadvantage of heat transfer printing is stiff while the sublimate applied is soft.

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