How to make Personalized Sticker Labels for Wedding,Business and Address?


How to make Personalized Sticker Labels for Wedding,Business and Address?

  • 2018-08-02 10:09:24
  • David Braun

Custom Weatherproof Stickers Types of Stickers and Labels

There are various labels that people can use.

An increasing number of people have come to realize the importance of labels and stickers in the promotion of their products and services. But which types of the label should a businessperson has? Before placing an order, we need to know different types of labels that can be used by the business.

All stickers and labels are divided into two ways. First, stickers are classified according to the material. This material called the “stock”. Second, labels are classified according to the type of adhesive label.

Types of Labels According to Stock

- Paper – This is one of the common types of stock. A label created by paper stock is the one often referred to as a “sticker”.
- Litho – It is also a common stock. It is a smooth and non-gloss stock. Very easy to write or print on.
- Latex – It is the same as litho stock, but it called “latex”. This latex makes the label more pliant and can make with curved surfaces.
- Plastic – Labels using plastic are more flexible and more durable than latex, litho, or paper. It can also make transparent labels out of plastic stock. But these labels need to be used as a special printing method, such as ultraviolet curing. An example of a label using a plastic stock is the bumper sticker. A bumper sticker uses the plastic which we called vinyl. Other plastic stocks are acetate and PET film.
- Foil – Labels that utilizes that foil stock usually have shiny surfaces, yet these labels are also flexible enough to be used on curved surfaces.
- Thermal – This type of stock has the characteristic of changing colors when exposed to higher temperatures. Unfortunately, labels made of such stock do not last long. The images on the label will fade.

There are also several types of security stickers or security labels. Each type corresponds to a unique security need.

Choosing the type of label will depend on the purpose of the label. One should thoroughly discuss with the label manufacturer the specific purpose for having the stickers and labels. DOYLabel is a label and sticker manufacturer which is capable of producing various types of labels.

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