How to make custom embossed leather patches | Leather labels wholesale


How to make custom embossed leather patches | Leather labels wholesale

  • 2018-08-02 09:49:38
  • David Braun

leather patches for jeans

When we think of custom patches, we definitely don’t think leather; but leather patches are a stylish way to enjoy traditional woven or embroidered patches.

Here are few ways to style these unique custom patches for almost every occasion, or on any type of clothing or accessory.

1 custom leather patches for jackets

We love the look of a custom leather patch over a leather tag, leather jacket, or other leather accessories.  Custom leather patches can be made in vivid colors, or in traditional tones, with as much detail as material patches.

Our high-quality leather patches come in all shapes and sizes. From dense leather designs to silky smooth suede, our designer-quality patches are sure to please. Unique leather patches are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your jackets, add some rugged flair to your favorite flight jackets. DOYLabel can help you create the perfect leather patch for every event.

Leather on leather is edgy, and an unexpected departure from traditional woven or embroidered patches on all your favorite leather clothing and accessories.

2 custom leather patches for jeans

jeans leather patch labels leather patches for jeans

This combination is a tried and true classic. However, we recommend sporting custom leather patches near the waistline on your jeans, to give your patch a standout moment.

Trying sewing leather patches near or on pockets. Leather patches on the arm of a denim jacket also look great. Don’t hide your leather patches; let them stand out on your denim clothing.

3 custom leather patches for hats

leather labels for hats leather patches for hats

Leather patches are often used to brand high-end clothing and accessories. With a custom leather patch, you can take generic, inexpensive hats and turn it into one-of-a-kind pieces with a quick stitch.

Sew leather patches onto hats. The statement you can make with the addition of a leather patch to just about any item of hats will transform basic hats into stylish pieces.

4 custom patches for shoes

Our leather patches can sew on(iron on) your shoes. Even if you use a durable final fabric like leather, suede or canvas. By the way, Our vans patches are very popular.

Another great style tip for a leather patch is also a great way to save torn or damaged clothing and accessories. You know that favorite pair of jeans that recently ripped? Why not cover the hole with a custom leather patch? Or how about the shoes that up with a leather patch!

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