• DOY Labels proud of our rich experience, considerate services and perfect combination of sequin embroidery and flower embroidery.
    • 2018-Aug-01 11:24:55

    Good custom, really make your product more upscale You can see this product is a combination of sequin and machine embroidery. The first scheme didn't like this but Embroidery Patches. The color of the client's draft is very attractive, but the texture cannot&...

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  • DOYLabel helps you to create Custom Name Labels,sticker labels for school and Name Stickers for your home or business.
    • 2018-Aug-01 11:25:29

    Custom sticker label Online Customize the sticker label, it may be difficult to choose the size, shape, and quantity you need. You can choose round stickers, square stickers, you can also customize your sticker shape. Generally printed on high-quality glossy paper. Sticker labels are used for a wide range of address labels, name labels, product labels. DOYLabel has a special sticker label producti...

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  • Leather Sude Labels are a Great Alternative to used Woven Clothing Labels
    • 2019-May-04 09:46:53

    Leather labels are a great alternative to the traditional, commonly used woven clothing labels. Leather labels and patches are great for durability, long-lasting, and are unique. They are strong and supple and are often used on high-end brands to convey a message of quality and prestige. Real leather labels have a rich color that tends to vary due to the nature of the material.  This makes ea...

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  • How to make Personalized Sticker Labels for Wedding,Business and Address?
    • 2018-Aug-02 10:09:24

    Custom Weatherproof Stickers Types of Stickers and Labels There are various labels that people can use. An increasing number of people have come to realize the importance of labels and stickers in the promotion of their products and services. But which types of the label should a businessperson has? Before placing an order, we need to know different types of labels that can be used by the bus...

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  • DOYLabel is a Fast Lead Time and Good Quality clothing hang tags manufacturer online
    • 2018-Aug-02 10:13:54

    There are different shapes for you to choose, such as square, round, rectangle, oval, leaf and half circle. Also, you can choose the material like black cardboard, white cardboard, and kraft. With the diversification of consumers' demand and the maturity of the sales team, custom garment accessories are facing more challenges. Paper Hang Tags are considered with deeper meaning in the challenge, it...

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  • Get high quality custom embroidered patches at the lowest prices guaranteed
    • 2018-Jun-19 09:14:41

    Make your customized embroidered patches are ideal for designs . They are available in just about any shape, and can be up to 7 inches in size. As with woven patches, the border may be hot cut or it may be merrowed. Usage scenario for embroidered patches embroidery digitizing Logo Patches DOYLabel range of products includes custom patches, woven patches and labels, chenille patches, embroider...

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  • How to make custom embossed leather patches | Leather labels wholesale
    • 2018-Aug-02 09:49:38

    When we think of custom patches, we definitely don’t think leather; but leather patches are a stylish way to enjoy traditional woven or embroidered patches. Here are few ways to style these unique custom patches for almost every occasion, or on any type of clothing or accessory. 1 custom leather patches for jackets We love the look of a custom leather patch over a leather tag, leather jacket, or o...

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  • Choose between Woven Patches and Embroidered Patches | Embroidered Patches DIY
    • 2018-Aug-21 14:38:57

    Are you struggling to choose between Woven patches and embroidered patches? Both of them are the most common type of branding patches. Unlike labels or stickers, patches are durable, often permanent fixtures to the fabric that come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Patches can be used as effective branding or marketing, as well as personal symbols to recognize important cause...

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  • 2018 Cheap Custom Velcro ID Patches for Backpacks Uniforms
    • 2019-May-13 09:51:15

    As we provide custom embroidered patches to be worn by members of the military, police and fire departments, as well as motorcycle clubs, a lot of times we hear the need of our customers of having Velcro backing to their unit patches. Velcro patches allow you to attach them and removing the easily, which proves useful:No sewing required. If you remove the patch from your uniform before washing it,...

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