Clothing Labels Knowledge :The History of The Sewing Machine


Clothing Labels Knowledge :The History of The Sewing Machine

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The History Of The Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine, there is no doubt that it is one of the most Important Inventions In
the history of mankind. But who invented it? And how
did it come into being? Here's a history of our beloved machine.

1755 1790 1810

Charles Fredrick Weisenthal

Thomas Saint

Balthasar Krems

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The Sewing Machine
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The first known mechanical

device for sewing was invented in 1755 by Charles Fredrick Weisenthal. It was actually a

device used to sewing, characterized by a double-pointed needle with the eye at the other end.

Thomas Saint was the inventor of the first"sewing machine". His invented the machine to sew canvasRelated Products
and leather(Related Products.

In 1810, a Germany called Balthasar Krems created a prototype of a sewing machine. This was

operated by foot with a basic wheel feed mechanism that sewed a continuous-circular chain-stitch.(Related Products




Josef Madersperger

Barthelemy Thimonnier

Walter Hunt

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personalized sewing labels
personalized sewing labels

In 1814, Josef Madersperger,introduced his version as the “sewing and".This was a machine that mimicked the actual movement of the sewer's hand. He spent his life on developing the machine, finally refined it until 1841.

Barthelemy Thimonnier invented the first practical version of the sewing machine. The wooden machine produced chain stitches and became a widely used version in its time.

Walter Hunt was a mechanic inventor from America. Besides his various creations, Hunt planned to make the lockstitch sewing machine. Unfortunately, he failed to develop It.


Ellias Howe

Isaac Merrit Singer

Ellias Howe, an American engineer, once went to England and find his interest in

inventing. Then he invented the sewing machine which

holds fabric vertically. After

returning to the United States, he

discovered his invention had been

infringed upon. One of the offenders

was Isaac Singer.

Instead of using a rotary, Singer made a sewing

machine that used a falling shuttle. Then Singer went

on taking a license under Howe's patent, paid

him $1.15 for each machine. Both Singer and

Howe became wealthy by their inventions.


Allen Wilson and Nathaniel Wheeler

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Allen Wilson developed a new version of the sewing machine-- vibrated" in short arcs.(Related ProductsHe was in partnership with Nathanial Wheeler.

Grover and Baker joined Singer, Howe, Wilson, and Wheeler to pool all their patents in one

company. They made the first patent pool in the United States and called it the"Albany


From there, even more, companies were formed.



James Gibbs and James Wilcox

William Jones and
Thomas Chadwick

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In 1857, James Gibbs invented

the first sewing machine
makes the"chain stitch." Then he partnered with
James Wilcox to

form the Wilcox and Gibbs

Sewing Machine Company, which still run today.

In the 1850s, most sewing machines
imported to the UK, they were from the US.
William Jones partnered
with Thomas Chadwick to produce
machines as Chadwick and Jones Ltd. They
used the license from Howe and Wilson and
went on receiving great fame in the UK.



2 1st century

George Francise

Singer Sewing Co.

Top Sewing Machine

Brands Today: Singer,
Brother, Simplicify,
White, and Janome

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George Francise Bradbury was

the first sewing machine

manufacturer in Europe. He

formed his company and licensed the
technology of Wheeler and
Wilson, Singer, Howe and Grover,
and Baker.

In 1889 the motor added

to the sewing machine. It

replaced the pedal-operated

machine, but was not perfect until the 1920's.

An important addition from this
century is the incorporated touch

screen. By 2016,36 different brands (Related Products

of sewing machines have operated.

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