Best 40 Easy Etsy Sewing Projects for Beginners


Best 40 Easy Etsy Sewing Projects for Beginners

  • 2018-07-11 09:21:08
  • David Braun

Etsy Sewing Projects

Best 40 Easy Etsy Sewing Projects for Beginners

So you’ve decided to try your hand at sewing?

wonderful! Welcome to a world of crafting and handmade possibilities!

A lot of people are intimidated by the prospect of sewing, but it’s easier than it looks. It just takes practice (and patience). But, once you complete your first project, you’ll want to keep making new ones and learning new tips and tricks. Don’t be afraid to start!

You will make mistakes.

You’ll rip out stitches.

You’ll get frustrated.

But keep at it. It’s a great skill to know, and there’s an unending library of tutorials, patterns and instructional out there so you can learn to make just about anything you want.

To get you started, we’ve assembled a list of the Top 40 Sewing Projects for Beginners for you to peruse and start creating!

For the Home
These ideas will allow you to make items that you can use in your very own home. Start practicing humbly receiving praise from guests. “Why, yes, I did make that myself!” Good job.

That’s right, let’s start at the beginning. Curtains are the foundation of any DIY home decorator’s handbook. Not only are the functionally necessary (hello, privacy!), they add decor to any room. All you really need to know how to do is hem an edge, and then choose where to go from there. This tutorial will show you how to make back tab curtains, but with grommets, Roman shades, valances, cafe curtains, etc., there are so many possibilities!

Throw Pillow
The throw pillow is one of the projects we all learned to make in seventh grade Home Ec (when that was still a thing). The grown-up version is chic and will tie your room together expertly. This Big Oak Tree will tell you how to turn your fave fabrics into comfy pillows so you can customize your room’s color pop.

Envelope Pillow Case
Want to recover an existing pillow? This tutorial has got you….covered. The envelope pillow case is super simple and requires no zippers, snaps or buttons. Simply sew and slip a pillow inside, and you’re done! It’s a quick and easy way to create custom pillows for even the beginner-ist of sewers.

Seat Cushion
Don’t let sitting on hard, uncomfortable chairs be a pain! Make these cute and easy seat cushions in a few simple steps. These would be great for dining room or patio furniture, or to take along when you’re going to be sitting at outdoor events or on the ground. Make them matchy, or out of a few different coordinating fabrics to mix it up!

Cloth Napkins
You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fancy cloth napkins. Up your entertaining game with these DIY cloth napkins. They’re even reversible so you can choose which side you want to display. You can use this same idea and adjust the size to make placemats and table runners too!

Skillet Handle Cover
Don’t burn those crafty hands on a skillet handle! Preserve those bad boys for future creations by making these handy dandy skillet handle covers. These also make great little housewarming gifts. Attach a tag that says, “To keep your house warm and your hands cool.”

Easy Apron
While you’re working in the kitchen, you might as well have an apron to make things easier. This one from Creative Green Living is simple to make out of fat fabric quarters. It protects you from stains and splashes, and even includes a pocket to hold a towel, or your phone, or snacks (let’s all be honest).

Fabric Bins
These little storage bins are so cute are wonderful for keeping things organized around the house. They’re also a great way to learn how to make and insert lining into a project. Birch fabrics is going to give you an easy-to-follow breakdown on how to make these stackable bins!

Snack Bags
Never run out of resealable snack bags again! These snack bags are easy to make and so convenient for taking snacks on the go. They’re made with oilcloth or laminated fabric (available in fabric stores), so you can easily wipe them out or hand wash them and use them over and over! Jamielyn at I Heart Naptime will show you how to make some of your very own.

Create your own comfort, or give the gift of coziness, with these easy ideas for blankets and quilts!

Receiving Blanket
Make your own custom receiving blankets, or make a bunch and give them as a shower gift! They’re super easy to sew, and flannel is inexpensive and comes in a ton of cute patterns. Little House Living has a tutorial that will show you how to make a blanket in just a few minutes.

Sewing Tip: Flannel shrinks up by about an inch after it’s washed and dried. If necessary, either factor that into your pattern and buy a little extra yardage. Or, prewash flannel fabric before cutting your pattern. If it’s for a baby blanket, wash with gentle, baby-safe detergent.

Minky Blanket
For the ultimate cozy blanket, you can’t beat minky for softness and snuggle factor. This instructional will show you exactly how to create a double sided blanket that is sure to become your child’s favorite blanky. They make great baby shower gifts as well. You can also adjust this pattern to make a bigger, adult-sized blanket so you can wrap yourself in cuddly greatness!

Beginner Quilt
That’s right, even if you’ve just started sewing, you too can create a quilt! Quilts may look complicated, but they’re actually simple once you break it down in simple steps. Amy at Diary of a Quilter has outlined the entire process for you start to finish in her Beginning Quilting Series. Once you learn the basics, you can branch out and start experimenting with other patterns to create your own quilted masterpieces!

For Baby/Kids
There are so many fun items and accessories out there that you can create for your own children or to give away as a handmade shower gift. Here are some great projects to make for the littles in your life!

Hooded Towel
This cozy hooded towel is a great bathtime or poolside companion to wrap up your little ones and ward off shivers. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make one with a couple towels and a few simple cuts and stitches.

Toddler Leggings
Find out how to make little legging out of a pair of knee high socks with this ingenious post from How Does She. They’re so comfy and easy to make, you’ll be jealous there’s no adult-sized equivalent.

Elastic Belt
This belt can also be made for adults, but it’s great for kids. We all know clothes for kids aren’t one-size-fits-all, so these belts will help keep pants up while kids catch up. Since they’re made from elastic, they’re super comfortable, and the fish buckle makes putting on and taking off a cinch! Plus, they add a fun pop of color to any outfit.

Easy Clean Baby Bib
Craftaholics Anonymous brings you this simple bib pattern. Made from laminated fabric, it wipes down for easy clean up, and it includes a pocket to catch crumbs and spills. This pattern even comes with a free printable template. Once you see how easy it is to make these bibs, and how nicely they clean up, you’ll want to make a bunch to have on hand!

Burp Cloths
As long as we’re talking about having things on hand, any parent knows you can never have enough burp cloths, so you might as well make a bunch and stockpile them. Or, help out an expecting friend and give them a stack of these cute and easy-sew burp cloths from Chelsea at Life With My Littles.

Knot Bow Headband
Go into cuteness overdrive with this knot bow headband from Coral and Co. Made from soft, stretchy fabric, they’re comfortable for newborns, toddlers and kids to wear. You can make them from any stretch knit fabric, including repurposing an old shirt!

We’ve got some great little pieces you can make and customize to express your own fab self and your newfound sewing skills!

Hair Bow
A cute and classic bow is totally trendy and adds the perfect touch to any outfit. This one from Momtastic is easy to make and can be attached to a hair clip or headband. Plus, it allows you to put those small fabric scraps to good use.

hair bows

Sunglasses Case
Keep scratches off your sunnies with easy-to-make case. This is a great summer project for beginning sewers and gives you a stylish way to protect your sunglasses.

Turban Headband
Turban headbands are super popular and really help on those days when you want to rock a messy bun. Because they’re soft and stretchy, so they won’t put too much pressure on your head. Rebecca at Simple As That will show you how to make one of these truly simple and comfy headbands.

Chapstick Cozy
If you’ve ever fumbled in the depths of your purse searching out a small tube of chapstick, you’ll definitely want one of these cozies to keep it handy and easily findable. Because it includes a key ring, you can either add it to your keys or attach it somewhere on your purse such as the ring for your purse strap. Never fumble again!

Camera Strap
You’ve probably seen one of these cute camera straps on Pinterest or Etsy. Well, now you can make one of your own with this tutorial from Everything Etsy. Not only does it add a little cushion to the strap which makes it more comfortable to wear, it also brings a bit of style to your camera game.

Fabric Headband
These headbands are easy to craft, super comfortable, and they’re reversible, so you get two headbands in one! They make the perfect workout companion or everyday accessory for keeping strands out of your face without sacrificing style or comfort.

Bags and Purses
Create some satchels to haul all your stuff and keep it organized with these patterns for bags and purses.

Tote Bag
There are endless uses for a good tote bag, and you can never have too many to stash everywhere and carry all your goods. Make your own sturdy, reusable totes so you can be Earth-friendly and crafty at the same time!

Reversible Messenger Bag
A great beginning sewing project, this messenger bag is so versatile and can be made from a variety of fabrics. This pattern includes a printable template for easy cutting, and the bag is reversible, so you get two bags in one!

Wallet/Gift Card Holder
As long as you’re making a purse, you might as well make a wallet to go in it.  This one also makes a cute gift card holder and a great addition if you’re giving someone a card as a gift.

Sewing Tip: Don’t be intimidated by the fact that this pattern includes iron-on fusible interfacing. It can be purchased at any craft store, and is a good step to learn for future patterns and projects.

Pillowcase Drawstring Bag
A drawstring backpack is an effortless satchel that is easily constructed and easy to carry. This sewing instruction breakdown will show you a step-by-step so you can make your own backpack!

iPad Case
Make a case to protect your iPad while traveling or just so you know it’s safely tucked away while you’re at home. This case from Oh So Lovely Vintage is really cute and is made from soft felt. It requires minimal sewing, so it’s a great starter project if you’re just sitting down in front of a sewing machine for the first time.

Here’s a couple little pieces to add to your beauty arsenal to make organizing and beautifying easier.

Hot/Cold Pack
This lovely mask from Pioneer Settler is filled with rice and calming essential oils to soothe tired eyes. This pattern is for an eye mask, but this pack can be made larger to use on your neck, shoulders, or anywhere! Store it in the freezer to depuff sleepy eyes or calm inflammation. Or, you can warm it up in the microwave for a bit to treat sore muscles. Either way, these packs are great to have around, and they’re so easy to make!

Beauty Bag
Don’t let your makeup and toiletries go asunder, keep them together in this cute and simple beauty bag from Mollie Makes. This project is also a good and simple introduction to installing zippers. There’s a good trick for easily sewing in a zipper here.

Brush Roll
When you’re traveling, keep your makeup brushes all in one place with this brush roll from Momtastic. Little slots make sure your brushes are organized, and the foldover flap keeps them protected from getting damaged or lost. Make this roll your travel companion next time you go out and about.

One of the best parts of knowing how to sew is making your own clothes! Say goodbye to pieces those just-don’t-fit-right closet outcasts and hello to custom made pieces tailored to your fit your form and your style!

Pajama Pants
Let’s start at sewing 101. If you’ve ever taken a basic sewing class, chances are you made pajama pants as a final project. And why not? Everyone loves a pair of comfy pants to lounge around in. This tutorial is going to show you the steps to make your own pair so you can have all the cozies.

Simple Skirt
Another in the roster of good, basic sewing projects, the simple skirt is one to know. You’ll learn how to hem and create a stretch elastic waist, and you get a cute and comfy skirt out of it! This is a great step-by-step that will start with learning how to measure yourself for the pattern and take you all the way through the last stitch of making this adorable skirt!

Pencil Skirt
Once you’ve got the simple skirt down, try your hand at a fitted pencil skirt. This skirt is made from soft, stretch fabric so it’s really comfortable, not binding. These instructions make it super simple and show you how to create your own pattern custom fitted to you.

Tank Top
This super cute tank top is made from an old t shirt. Hooray for upcycling! Sew Caroline will tell you how to turn your tee into a tank in a few easy steps so you can rescue an old shirt and turn it into something fabulous!


Maxi Skirt
A maxi skirt works in all seasons and almost all occasions. With this how-to, you’ll be able to make one in every color so you can live in effortless style until the end of time.

Sewing Tip: Stretch fabrics can be tricky to sew on at first. Use a lot of pins to keep your edges from moving while you sew. To avoid puckered or wavy seams, make sure you’re not stretching your fabric as it moves through your sewing machine. Eventually, you might want to invest in a walking foot, which makes sewing stretch fabrics much easier.

Gym Shorts
These shorts are so cute, you might want to make both gym and non-gym pairs. Purl Soho gives you a template to make your cuts and directions for assembly. Need to know about bias tape and how to make it? It’s easy, follow instructions here to learn how.

Kimono Top
This simple but stylish top would make a great summer bathing suit cover up, or a light layer for warm weather. Melissa from Polka Dot Chair shows you how to make this kimono top using a t shirt to create your pattern. After you cut, you just have to hem all the edges and you’re done!

Infinity Scarf
So you want a scarf, but you don’t know how to knit or crochet? We’ve got you covered! These instructions will show you how to make one out of a light and comfy knit fabric so you can stay warm and cozy with just a few trims and stitches!

There you have it, our list of projects for beginning sewers and crafters. We hope you’ve found inspiration that will get you excited to start sewing and hand making your own items. You’re sure to find something with so many options at Doylabel.

Or, should we say, SEW many options! The data comes from the Internet.

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