American Customers Visit DOYlabel Guangzhou Sales Office and Customize High-Quality Rubber Patches

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American Customers Visit DOYlabel Guangzhou Sales Office and Customize High-Quality Rubber Patches

  • 2018-08-01

Recently, American customers visited the Guangzhou sales office of the DOYLabel company and customized High-Quality Rubber Patches. Customer needs a patch used for sportswear. Customize a 3D patch, waterproof and durable. We showed him the Rubber patches.

Our Rubber patches adopt the natural Rubber of high quality and environmental protection. The mature Injection Process makes the Rubber patches have a clear and bright color, and the customers are very satisfied. We also offer free design services to make your ideas come true.

custom 3D logo rubber patches

customize high-quality Rubber patches

Customers say that there are so many different types of Rubber patches here. The Rubber patches are Widely used for Cloth, Jeans, Outdoor Wear, Toys, Shoes, Bags, Home Textile etc. Our sales manager Ada has introduced different types of patches for clothes to our customers. For example, the Rubber patches can also be used with 100% Nontoxic Silicone Logo and Felt or Suede Background Material, and the Injection Process can be used to make arbitrary shapes. Customized high-quality rubber patches for clothing, rubber patches for boots, rubber patches for shoes, rubber police patches, round rubber patches, soft rubber patches, and 3d rubber patches make the brand more recognizable.

Rubber patches for sportswear

Using PVC labels, Rubber labels and Silicone labels and patches can enhance the look of your clothing and other products and add a new dimension in the look and feel. Rubber materials are used for their durability, longevity and color soundness.

The Rubber patches provided by DOYlabel are very popular with American customers. Custom silicone rubber patches are also popular. Customers are used to customizing Rubber patches at www.doylabel.com, and DOYLabel is a reliable manufacturer of Rubber patches. If you have customized the Rubber patches on Alibaba, please try to focus on us and surprise you with both quality and price. Efficient production, fast delivery, it is Faster Like You Purchase from Local Market.

Custom Rubber patches USA

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