3 Key Steps to Make Lanyards-Material, Printed & Accessories

We want to make buying lanyards easy.

Do you dream of outfitting your team in high-quality custom lanyards? Do you envy the competitors with professional lanyards, but aren’t sure how to design your own?

Lanyards are versatile accessories for easily and conveniently display ID cards, badges and tags, most commonly worn around the neck.

By the way, lanyards also make great key chains and hold on other small item such as ID badges, access cards, pens, cell phones, usb and even whistles.

Which lanyards are more popular?

1. Retractable lanyards for badge

Retractable badge holders are popular for keeping your ID cards that need to be scanned frenquently to easy reach.

2. customizable logo lanyard

Customized lanyards can provide clearful advertising by showing off company. Sometimes, customizable lanyards also can provide functional and inexpensive advertising by showing of special events, promotions and causes.

With so many great uses, custom lanyards make your message a walking billboard.

Printed design choose on lanyards

Over the years, we have improved our printed processes to give your lanyard design the best possible impact.The printed processes we offered are embroidery, sublimation and screen printing which will deliver a high quality finished lanyards for you.

Sublimation Lanyard-DOYLabel design
Screen Printed Lanyard-DOYLabel Design

What Material is used for Lanyards?

There has various materials for lanyards that depending on their purpose. Now let’s discuss the different materials used to make customized lanyards.


Nylon lanyards are usually made of soft synthetic glossy materials that is thoroughly pressed into a strong and durable fibers. Since the fabric is thin and light, it provides maximum comfort all day.

With smooth surface, nylon lanyards allows for effectively printed for individuals or companies which are interested in custom lanyards.

This material is usually a perfect choice for anyone that needs screen printing for custom lanyards.


Cotton lanyards are made of satin cotton, which is generally considered the best comfortable material for lanyards.

In addition to comfort, cotton is also known for efficient heat absorption. This feature also makes it compatible with full-color sublimation heat transfer printing. Actually, it is the only lanyard material that can withstand full-color sublimation transfer printing.

Soft Satin

Ultra weave lanyard is made of smooth satin-like material. This material is comfortable and a great choice  for those who want to use a lanyard for a long period time. This is highly preferable for individuals in need high-detail and multi-color lanyards.


Because of polypropylene long wearing and affordable price, It is the most common lanyard material. With the material being less durable, This material lanyards are most appropriate for short term use. This would include events such as company events, trade shows or advertising events.

Tubular Polyester

The opti-weave lanyard made of tubular polyester that are a perfect choice for someone who need screen printing in custom lanyards. Moreover, the tubular polyester lanyard can be used with DTACH attachment options.

Flat Polyester

Ribbed flat polyester is made of the micro-weaving type of lanyards  which are known for its comfort. This makes them wearable all day long without any discomfort on the skin. Lanyards made of this material are also a good choice for simple custom imprints. Especially for there is no need for multiple colors.

Polyester Twill

Polyester twill is a combined material whose texture lean more on being cotton than being nylon. Similar like cotton, it creates a very comfortable and durable lanyard.

The polyester twill lanyard can be customized embossed with hot stamp printing method. Hot stamping lanyards are very suitable for creating simple brand logos for events like conferences or marketing show.

Polyester twill lanyards are also suitable for dye sublimation for your custom pattern and logo.

What lanyard material is suitable for you? Pick your preference and make sure it is comfortable. 

If you’re considering a custom made lanyards and want to discuss detail recommendations, get in touch with us today.

There has various lanyard accessories to choose for attaching all kinds of things.

Lanyard Accessories

From bulldog clips, snap buckles, grippers, crimps, and badge reels, DOYLabel carries a huge inventory of premium quality lanyard accessories at extremely low prices.

Attachment Clips

DOYLabel has metal and plastic clips and hooks which can be customized in different colors and weights.

Lanyard Accessories - Metal Attachments Clips-DOYLabel

Metal Ring Attachments

Metal ring attachments are suitable to keys, medals and badge reels that can be hung from the rings.

Lanyard Accessories-Saftly Snap Buckles-DOYLabel

Safety Breakaways

If you need, all lanyards can be fitted with custom safety breakaway device.

Snap Buckles

Snap buckles are available in a range of logo designs and materials.

Mobile Phone Attachments

We provide a range of phone attachments and holders for lanyards.

Lanyard Accessories-DOYLabel

Whistles, Zips & Pen Holders

Custom accessory colors to match your branding.

Branded Lanyard Attachments

The lanyard or attachment can be custom logo branded with sublimation, screen printed and embroidery in a variety of ways.

Don’t see the lanyard accessories supply you need? Contact us and design custom lanyard accessory or attachment made especially for your specific purpose.

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